Linux: Software installation

Written by kisa

On May 18, 2020

Software installation

Good article:

First way (not recommended) compile the program from source code and copping the binaries to our system. Pros: non root user can install, cons: slow and you loose version control of the soft and it’s dependencies. This is NOT day to day way.

From pockets and to see the dependencies (rpm – centOs):

rpm -ql httpd

(query list)

From repository (yum) (package archive in the web):

For example, searching the repository for http, piping output to grep to highlight apache and  wordcount program that will return a number of lines we found:

$yum search http | grep -i apache | wc -l

to install use

$sudo yum install httpd

How to chek what programs are installed on our system (if rpm installed)

$rpm -qa

(query all)


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