Kotlin Development for Beginners – Online Course (Coming Soon)

Kotlin is a programming language for the Java Virtual Machine (JVM) and can, therefore, be used anywhere Java is used today (which is virtually anywhere). This includes server, client, web, and Android development. It’s developed by JetBrains who are currently working to bring Kotlin to embedded systems and iOS as well, potentially making it a one-stop language for all application.


First, Kotlin is way more concise than Java in many cases, solving the same problems with fewer lines of code. This improves code maintainability and readability, meaning engineers can write, read, and change code more effectively and efficiently.

Kotlin code is inherently safer than Java code because it prevents common programming mistakes by design, resulting in fewer system failures and application crashes. When using Java, certain error causes are more likely to occur again. Kotlin nudges developers to think about potential problems with their code explicitly, hence helping them write more robust code.

Functional programming is a development paradigm that allows developers to solve many tasks more easily and consistently. It was also introduced in Java 8, but Kotlin has better support for functional programming. In short, functional concepts can be used more concisely and explicitly with proper function types. Also, performance can be improved via inlining which is not currently possible in Java.

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